Nov 19, 2017

New things from [noctis]

Right now you can grab Doctor Prunesquallor's standard lamp for free at the main store
Dr Prunesquallor's lamp

Presenting a collaboration with original mesh modeller Zan...a lovely cabinet with opening drawers and doors

Cast Iron cook stove with accessories

Triple Butterfly Bell Jar (original mesh)

Set of vintage scales

Nov 6, 2016

The call that never came

Now on the marketplace, webby antique chairs with table, phone, decor and animated crow. Chair has 17 normal sits, 2 sleep and one dead sit, plus one phone call sit. Comes with bonus sitting skeleton to be used as decoration.
The Call that never came in slime
The Call that never came in plum

Sep 13, 2016

[noctis] goes back to the stone age!

Coming up for Genre Prehistoric Round: a selection of clan necklaces and two holdable props.

Aug 22, 2016

Lost and Found at Mirkwood Farms

I scrambled out to the back sheds behind Mirkwood Farms and gathered together these little things for my first round at Lost and Found. Most ended up in a gacha (35L per pull, 2 rares at 25% probability).

There's also a little violet holder, new for the event, (and some milk at a discounted price.)

Taxi to Lost and Found